Knowledge is power.
Unlock your sense of independence and freedom by learning how to care for your bike and what to do when unpredictable mechanical problems arise.

Take the bull by the horns and learn the ins and outs of your bicycle. Nothing better than learning from a woman, just like you!
No mumbo jumbo, just simple language that you can wrap your head around. 😃

Here's what this video on Bike Maintenace covers:

  • Rim Brakes & pads maintenance (Road)
  • Disc brakes 101, why they're noisy and what to do about it! (MTB/Road/Gravel)
  • Indexing gear on mechanical shifting bikes (non-electronic) (Road)
  • Chain 101, plus what to do when the chain breaks on a ride (MTB/Road/Gravel)

Find your power: Bike Maintenance by NGNM with Michelle The Mechanic.

(Aired on Saturday, May 9th, 2020)


“I relax by taking my bicycle apart and putting it back together again.”

Michelle Pfeiffer


Michelle Noble- Hansard

"I am a bicycle mechanic and racer from Mckinney Texas, also known as The Mechanic Michelle.
I am also the mechanic for Les InternationElles cycling team who raises awareness for gender equality in cycling by riding the TDF the day before the men."

At the moment less than 10% of people in her profession are women, and we hope that Michelle and all of the talented female bike mechanics out there can set an example & help raise the "pink quotas" to the double digits!

No Gods No Masters is doing her part in supporting the movement!